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Who we are?

Gülmak Makina began its activities in the machinery industry sector in Kula / Manisa in 1990.

By developing itself in a short time in machine production, company specialises in coffee processing, roasting and nuts roasting and processing machines and serves our valued customers.

Our company with its experienced and experienced expert staff, knowledge and principles to accordance with the principles of modern business life.

The Gulmak Company Continues its services by prioritizing employee safety, high product quality, reliability and customer satisfaction.

— Gulmak Machine

Mission & Vision

As Gulmak Makine, we have adopted to provide products and services at the highest quality standards by keeping customer, employee and supplier satisfaction at the highest level. In this direction, our main goal is to be a socially and environmentally sensitive institution that prefers reliability and continuity for its employees, customers and suppliers. Our basic principle is to make a difference for our customers, to respond to their expectations from us with the quality of our products, our employees and our service.


Gülmak serves with its continuously updated quality laboratory, ERP system and ISO 9001:2015 quality standards.

Export to
Three Continents

Gülmak can make shipments all over the world. You can contact us via our contact form and channels.


Gülmak offers fast and effective solutions with its expert and competent staff, mass production line and innovative products.


Years of Experience
Product Variant
Closed Area


Our quality management system, which was established to ensure effective, efficient and customer-oriented operation of management and production functions, is the cornerstone of achieving the goal of total quality management with the participation of all company employees and the support of the management.

Our quality policy is to ensure full customer and personnel satisfaction and to produce products with zero defect percentage.


Gülmak considers occupational safety not as an obligation but as a conscientious responsibility. Our most important responsibility is to ensure that each of our employees completes their work safely every day and returns to their families who entrust them to us in a healthy manner.

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