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DSK01-S120 Dragee Chocolate Coating Machine 120 kg/h



Machine is designed to cover nuts and dry fruits with chocolate. It is suitable for use in isolated and cooler rooms.

With its ergonomic design, this panning machine is one of the advantages it provides to the user without weakening the user’s ability to move and making it tiring.

The Surface Quality of the Drum Inner Chamber of the Dragee and Chocolate Coating Machine is Smooth and Non-Porous Special Grinding and Sanding Process has been made for the coating. This Smooth Surface Provided Time and Convenience to the User in the Chocolate Coating Stage and Cleaning.

Technical Table
Drum Capacity100-120 Kg Nuts Products
Coating Time40-60 Minutes
Drum SpeedScreen Control
Indoor Air Unit3750 BTU
Electrical Power It Can Operate220 / 380 Volts 50-60 Hz.

What Should You Consider When Buying Dragee Chocolate Coater? What Are Our Differences?

Dragee Chocolate Coating Machine is a Machine Equipment that Sectors such as Confectionery, Chocolate, Patisserie, Nuts Retailers should have in their workplaces. Dragee Coating Machine is a Forward-Looking Continuity Today. It has an important place in the production department of enterprises.

Dragee Chocolate Coater Considerations

Gulmak Dragee Chocolate Coating Drum and Outer Covering Material are Made of AISI 304 Quality Stainless Steel.

Gulmak DSK01 Series All Drum Models are designed to be curved against welding errors that may occur while being shaped in special spinning balls. The Inner Surface Has Made The Entire Surface Smooth By Using Nanotechnology Abrasives.

Gulmak DSK01-S40 has 2200 BTU, DSK01- S80 has 3400 BTU Power. This will allow you to continue your process even if the room temperature is bad.

Depending on the Ambient Temperature of Gulmak DSK01-S Series Models, Average 18° Min. You can use it at 05° - Max.32° Temperature Setting.

In Gülmak DSK01-S Series Models, the Drum is Positioned in the Direction of Rotation, in a Position That Will Not Obstruct the User.

In Gülmak DSK01-S Series Models, the Air Pipes can be adjusted at the desired angle. This is an important factor in the adjustment of the air pipe, as the products will differ in volume and their dense locations will change.

You can control the Gülmak DSK01-S Series Models from the Touch Panel.

Demensions Table
Width (W) 1200 mm
Length (L) 1750 mm
Height (H) 1750 mm

Note: Our company can make model and size changes without the knowledge of the customer.

Dragee Chocolate Coating Machine DSK01-S Series Features

Coating Boiler Control and Speed Level

Chiller Unit Control and Cold Air Adjustment

Heater Unit Control and Hot Air Adjustment

Automatic Hot Air and Cold Air Control

Coating Parameters Storage Sheet

Chocolate Spray and Feeding Parameters Control



Optional Equipment



Optional Equipment



Optional Equipment


Dragee Chocolate Coating Machine

Due to the fact that our customers, who are Confectionery and Nuts Companies, are not satisfied with the machines they use, the machine was designed out of the ones known to the sector. Completely User and Environmentally Friendly New Gas System R410 is used.

By exporting to many chocolate companies in the European region, it continues its production in a sensitive line that has ergonomically adjusted the harmony of the drum and the machine in the coating process of the chocolate, and has determined the fine line between the user and the product.

The Indoor Air Unit, which is one of the important factors in Dragee Chocolate Coating, Room Temperature, the Intermediate Distance of the Coating Drum, R & D studies down to the smallest detail, and the Hot and Cold Air is the Factor that the User Will Use Actively, Hot Air is in the Candy Coating Process, and Cold Weather is in the Chocolate and Chocolate Coating Process. Succeeded in Sugar Coating Process.

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