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Human Resources Policy

Our company, which realizes its targets with the strength it derives from its human resources, adopts the goal of being a community where mutual trust and respect prevail and where participation and diversity are valued. It has always attached importance to the provision of highly qualified human resources, continuous development of its employees and keeping their motivation high. Our company, which allocates resources to these issues by prioritizing the satisfaction and development of its employees, believes that new, creative opportunities can be achieved by blending different perspectives and knowledge.

Based on the goals and principles of our company, we work throughout the year in order to recruit the best people. After the promotions made, we utilize our candidate pool, which is formed by the applications of the candidates who want to work with us through our website or directly through their own applications, for all our needs. Our companies publish advertisements for various fields and positions on our website throughout the year. Among the applications made to the advertisements, our companies determine the candidates with the qualifications and technical skills they are looking for in line with their needs and invite them for an interview. Competences constitute one of the most important points in recruitment. The open-ended questions in our application form give us clues to understand the competences of the candidate on the CV. Regardless of which department they are evaluated for, we expect our candidates to have the following nine main competences.

We can list these Competencies as follows:


  • Direction Determination
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Collaboration Development
  • Result oriented
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Developing Yourself and Colleagues
  • Adapting and Managing Diversity
  • Customer Sensitivity
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