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M700 Nuts Roaster 30-50 kg/h



Gulmak Nuts Roasting Machines are made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel. It makes roasting nuts easy with its ergonomic use. They are long-lasting, reliable and stable machines with high material quality in every detail.

It does not spoil the natural flavour of your nuts products. It contributes to the desired and expected flavours. It maximises the shelf life of the product. And as a result, it ensures that the user and customer relations remain at the highest positive level.

We keep our M Series Nuts Roasting Machine models in stock. Every month, we are proud to export and deliver to distributors and end-users not only in Turke, also in countries such as USA, Europe, Israel, Morocco, Algeria, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan etc. with container-based packaging.

Technical Table
General Capacity30-50 Kg/ Hour
Electrical Power It Can Operate3×210 Volt / 3×380 Volt / 50-60 Hz.
Max. Electricity Consumption (First Start-up)

3×380 Volt /50-60 Hz. Max. 13KW-32 A

3×220 Volt / 50-60 Hz. Max. 13KW-38 A

Roasting TypeDry Air
Fuel Type It Can OperateElectricity
ControlTouch Control Panel
Heat IndicatorPLC Display
Lighting12 Volt – Led Lighting Lamp
Product SieveAvailable
Salt PanAvailable
Roasting Room Lighting2 pieces of 300 Dr. Heat Bulb
Cooling Glass CoverTempered Insulating Glass 2 Pieces
SafetyHeater Current Sensor

What should you consider when buying a nut roasting machine? What are the differences of our machines?

Nuts products have a fragile structure. The nuts roasting machine you prefer is one of the first factors affecting product yield, quality and cost. The machine you choose should not spoil the natural taste of nuts. It should not adversely affect the flavour, aroma and smell. The expectation is that the natural flavour of the product emerges more intensely after the nuts roasting machine. A roasting to be done with a bad machine or faulty process, no matter how high quality the dried nuts product is before entering the machine, will cause your efforts to be wasted and more importantly, it will cause great financial burdens.

What you need to look for when buying a nut roasting machine, respectively;

All of our Gülmak M Series Nuts Roasting Machine models are made of the highest quality stainless steel in AISI 304 standards. The rust is the biggest enemy of a food machine and naturally your business. The best way to use your machine for many years, to clean it easily and to protect your reputation in the eyes of the customer is the high material quality of your machine.

The conveyor belts used in all Gülmak M Series Nuts Roasting Machine models are stainless and the mesh wire intervals are produced to be suitable for cleaning. If you cannot clean them, after a very short time, these sections will darken due to salt and oil and gradually affect the function of the machine.

In all of our Gülmak M Series Nuts Roasting Machine models, the functions affecting the whole process are controllable. You can store your roasting parameters in the panel memory. By standardising your parameters in the next roasting process, you can roast each selected product with the same flavour.

Gülmak M Series all of our Nuts Roasting Machine models use Insulating Glass for aesthetics and observation. Thanks to these covers, you can perform the cleaning and cooling process of the machine very easily.

Gülmak M Series all of our Nuts Roasting Machine models have a salt sieve used to remove excess salt from the roasted product and a salt pan for the accumulation of excess salt.

Roasting Capacity
Average Nut Products Capacity Kg/ Hour
Sunflower seeds30
Pistachio in shell36
Pistachio 38
Pumpkin seeds35
Peanuts in Shell22

The capacity values given above are given as average.

  • According to Roasting Room Ambient Temperature and Humidity,
  • According to the inlet humidity and calibre of the product to be roasted,

Values may vary.

In all models of Gulmak M Series, there is a salt sieve to remove excess salt from the roasted product and a salt pan for the accumulation of excess salt.

Demension Table
Width (W) 900 mm
Length (L) 2400 mm
Height (H) 1350 mm

Touch Control Panel Features

Roasting Belt Control and Speed Adjustment

Fan Control

Temperature Control and Instant Temperature Display

Roasting Parameters Storage Sheet

Nuts Product Nomenclature in Panel Memory



Optional Equipment



Optional Equipment



Optional Equipment


Gulmak Nuts Roasters

GULMAK is a nut roasting machine and equipment manufacturer. Determine the important points in the production of nuts. According to these points, we make original machine designs and production. GÜLMAK manufactures its own unique design machines and sells them to its users.

GULMAK produces machines with high material quality, durable, which are standard in every production, so that nuts can be consumed with pleasure. We are constantly improving every machine we produce.

The biggest problem in roasting nuts is that the results differ as the machine is used. This situation causes problems between the consumer and the seller. GULMAK machines are always designed to work with the first day’s performance. This is the first purpose of R&D studies.

GULMAK Nuts Roasting Machines are in stock in our factory. Our production line is continuous. Your orders are delivered to our distributors and customers as soon as possible.

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