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NOVA60 Coffee Roaster 240 kg/h



It has been designed to be used in Coffee Roasting Production Facilities, Cocoa Roasting Production Facilities and Malt Roasting Facilities. The Most Suitable Coffee, Cocoa and Barley Bean’s Sensitive Points Have Been Determined, All Details That May Occur in Roasting Have Been Considered by You and Presented to User Companies.

Coffee Roasting Machine, Coffee Storage Silo, Pneumatic Coffee Loader, Stone Separator, and Precision Process Plan, With the Facilities in an Indispensable Position, It Continues to Add Value to Its Users Without Breaking the Communication Dialogue with the User after Sales.

NOVA 60 Minimizes Fuel Consumption, Burner System Equipped with Special Software and Special Valve, and Reduces Environmental Pollution to Minimum Levels.

The design of this model has changed. We will share new images with you as soon as we can. Thanks for understanding.

Technical Table
Min. Drum Capacity20 Kg
Drum Capacity60 Kg
Drum Working Ratio3/1
Hourly Production Capacity240 Kg / Hour
Roasting Time12-15 Minute.
Roasting TypeTermal
Electrical Power It Can Operate1×220 / 3×220 / 3×380 Volt- 50-60 Hz.
Max. Electricity Consumption Power3 Kw
Fuel Type It Can OperateNaturalGas / LPG / Propan
ControlTouch Control Panel
Lighting12 Volt – Led Lighting Lamp
LayerDouble Walled 800 Degree Insulation
Number of Engines4
SafetyHeat Sensing Burner Sensor, ½ Fire Extinguisher 

What Should You Consider When Buying a Coffee Roaster? What Are Our Differences?

We know that coffee is a very sensitive product. Today, we can distinguish that the flavors of the coffees we buy from any coffee retailer are very different from each other. For this reason, standard or continuity plays a very important role in your coffee roaster, as it is very sensitive. This is exactly where you need to make a very good choice for your coffee roaster. Considerations in Roasting Coffee;

GULMAK NOVA Series All Equipments Are In One Location.

The material of all our GULMAK NOVA Series Drum Models is Carbon Steel, which is specially produced for our company. This special material has been effective in emphasizing the aroma of the coffee and in its swell. Mixer Pallets Provide Helicically Rotating Equal Distribution Against The Drum Rotation Direction. Therefore, Apart from the Differences in Coffee Breeds, Color Difference (Burn) Product Status Has Been Eliminated.

Ceramic Heater is used in Gülmak NOVA Series Electric Models. The fact that the heater is ceramic minimizes the electrical energy. On the other hand, in our gas models, a proportional gas valve is used with the software. Proportional Valve Automatically Decreases Flame Length Proportionally As It Approaches Roasting Degree. Minimizes Gas Energy.

All of our models bearing the GULMAK Brand are SIEMENS Brands.

You can manage all GULMAK NOVA Series machine equipment from the touch panel. You can control all functions such as Drum On-Off and Speed ​​Adjustment, Exhaust On-Off and Speed ​​Adjustment, Mixer, Roasting Chart, Burner On-Off and Flame Length Adjustment from the Panel. This Function Check Will Minimize Your Roasting Positive Energy and Fatigue.

There is a Roasting chart in all GULMAK NOVA Series machine equipment. This Graphic Chart can store the roasting parameters of your Barista's Various Recipes in the panel memory, and you can use the same Recipe you want to make in the next roasting.

In GULMAK NOVA Series Machines, Furnace Systems Perform Automatic Cleaning of Gas Installation in the First 10-15 Seconds Before Operation.

GULMAK NOVA Series Control Panels Have 4 Movement Capabilities According to the User.

In GULMAK NOVA Series Machines, You Can Change Your Gas Type in Premix Burner. For example, you can switch from Natural Gas to LPG.

In GULMAK NOVA Series Machines, Double Layer Heat Insulation Material is used for Occupational Accidents, Burning and Fuel Savings.

In GULMAK NOVA Series Machines, there is a ½ water nozzle in the husk silo where the flammable coffee husks are collected.

Demensions Table
Model NOVA 60
Width (W) 3700 mm
Length (L) 3600 mm
Height (H) 3200mm

Note: Our company can make model and size changes without the knowledge of the customer.

Touch Control Panel Features

Drum Control and Speed Level Adjustment

Exhaust Control and Speed Level Adjustment

Burner Pilot Ignition Function

Burner Control and Flame Length Adjustment

Automatic Flame Length Adjustment Function

Setting Timer and Alarm Function

Mixer Control

Roasting Chart



Optional Equipment



Optional Equipment



Optional Equipment


Gulmak Coffee Roasters

Gulmak is a manufacturer of Sample Coffee Roasters, Industrial Coffee Roasters and Equipment. We have identified the fine lines between the user and a machine that enable a machine to be defined as “good”. We have provided convenience to the user in many areas.

Our Nova 6 model is designed so that you can work without the need to be an expert or experienced in coffee roasting. We produce our machines for you to create exquisite flavours without interruption with its strong, robust carcass structure, use of quality materials in every detail, touchscreen single centre control panel, optional fuel options and functional coffee roasting charts.

Thanks to the unique use of our machine, advanced technology in every function of the machine, especially the software, low energy and fuel consumption, you can discover your own flavours and produce the same taste as standard for your customers every time.

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